The framed portrait and the delivery are free of charge.

The picture of His Majesty The King is A3 sized, 420mm high and 297mm wide. The framed portrait is 670mm high and 473mm wide.

The picture of His Majesty The King is printed on high quality paper and double mounted in a glazed frame of FSC certified oak.

The framed portrait includes a number of different materials and care has been taken to ensure sustainability of materials and minimisation of the environmental impact in the material used in the production of the portraits and packaging and also the processes used.

The image of His Majesty The King will be formally released in December by the Royal Household. The official portrait will be a formal photograph of His Majesty in ceremonial dress with decorations. It is not to be confused with the recent portrait by Rankin released to coincide with The King’s 75th birthday.

The delivery of portraits will be organised to maximise efficiency and minimise cost and environmental impact. We are not guaranteeing a specific delivery window in order that both production and delivery can focus on efficiency.

There is no obligation to take down portraits and likenesses of Her late Majesty when a new portrait is acquired. This follows previous practice as in some institutions, portraits and likenesses of previous Monarchs remain on display.

We anticipate this portrait will also be available commercially in due course.

Public authorities eligible for this scheme include ministerial and non-ministerial government departments; executive agencies; executive and advisory NDPBs; councils; state-funded schools and education providers (including nurseries and specialised schools); prisons; courts; police forces; fire and rescue services; and a very small number of other public authorities not captured by these definitions.

The scheme is being delivered in stages, to help manage the supply of portraits. Principal local authorities are able to apply when the scheme opens. Town and Parish Councils will be able to apply for a free portrait at a later stage in the scheme, and will be notified when they are able to access the portrait scheme website.

For each government department and devolved administration a communication is being sent to those eligible authorities, informing them of this scheme and inviting them to request a portrait if they so choose.

Each identified public authority is permitted to request one free portrait.

This scheme is providing one portrait free of charge to eligible public authorities on request. If additional portraits of HM King Charles are required these can be purchased from commercial suppliers in due course.

A separate registration is required for each portrait request. Please note that each registration requires a unique email address. If you need to make requests for multiple public authorities from the one email address please contact us.

Registrations for schools are validated individually against publicly available data e.g. GIAS (Get information about schools). If you are part of a school trust and are having difficulties registering, please contact us.

There is no obligation for any authority to request a portrait and participation in the scheme is entirely voluntary.

It is anticipated that the portrait may be hung in reception areas, function rooms, boardrooms and similar locations where the portrait may be on display to staff and visitors of that building.

The portrait weighs approximately 3 kilograms.

The portrait is supplied with a robust single point method for hanging and weighs approximately 3 kilograms. The portrait may be hung in a very wide variety of locations and it is the responsibility of the public authority to ensure the portrait is hung using suitable methods for the chosen location and in particular authorities should consider multipoint fixing methods in locations where it may be bumped or dislodged.

Both environmental and sustainability impacts have been taken into full consideration during the selection of materials and processes to manufacture the portraits.

The HMK portraits are scheduled to be delivered between February and April 2024. Once your order is despatched you will receive an email confirmation a few days before delivery.

If you have a query about your delivery please raise this via the query form link.

We aim to authorise your registration within 24 hours, and once approved you will receive an email confirming your acceptance onto the scheme containing your log in details (please note this process may take up to a week in exceptional circumstances).

Please fill out form here to report this. The team will respond to you within 48 hours, during normal business hours.

Cubiquity Limited have been engaged to operate the HMK Portrait Scheme on behalf on HM Government.